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Mullbeck AB operates in the fashion field, running three clothes stores across Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe) ; it boasts regular and close business relations with the most prestigious fashion brands in Europe.

Mullbeck AB is expanding its staff in the effort to consolidate and step up its position in the market; the company aims to hire new motivated and flexible employees, ideally assigning them suitable position given the candidates skills, ambitions and most importantly flexibility.

Therefore, given the new assessment of the human resources needs, we are starting a round of interviews to sort out the candidates who would suit to our changing needs.

The basic requirement for joining our selection procedure is to hold good written and oral English skills; good IT skills will also be essential, as much of the work we handle nowadays is done through computing.

Further languages skills will be a clear advantage.

Any previous working experience will be discussed and evaluated during the job interview, as well as any other particular skill or education background the candidate will have.

Of course, as stated above, the perfect candidate will be flexible and prepared to meet the company needs as they show up, as in this kind of business as well as given the current targets of the company in terms of HR, the willingness to join a team and the ability to work with others will be the key for being hired and possibly gaining opportunities for promotions within the company.

For setting an interview and discuss with us your job profile, please write in english to:

We wish you all luck!

Mullbeck AB.

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