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We are looking for individuals who wants to grow in their role as technical experts and potential future managers with sound personal, professional and management skills. Take the opportunity to join the Graduate Trainee Program Aggregates of HeidelbergCement.
The Graduate Trainee Program Aggregates introduces the trainees to the history and operations of HeidelbergCement, to the organization of business line Aggregates and the rest of the operations within HeidelbergCement Northern Europe. To ensure the success of the trainee program the development of the trainees is a top management responsibility.
Target Group
The program is open to recent university graduates, current students who are due to graduate in 2019 and technicians and engineers with some technical experience in aggregates production.
Program description
The trainee program starts in August/September 2019 and aims for an all-round development of new trainees in business line Aggregates. It provides a platform for education, practical learning and application where the trainee is introduced to employees from various departments, processes and systems.
The Graduate Trainee Program Aggregates will run for approximately 1 year and is divided into three trimesters of 18 weeks each. The trainee program is categorised in eight sections, each focusing on specific learning objective (see A-H below).

A. Introduction to HeidelbergCement and the building materials industry
This short module will acquaint the trainee with the history, growth and business operations of the company in addition to providing a broad view of the building material industry. The trainee will also be informed of the learning objectives for the trainee program and the progress review tracking that will be used to evaluate each module.
B. Introduction to business lines Cement and Ready-mixed concrete
The business model for HeidelbergCement is based on an integrated management approach and it is important to have a good understanding of the business lines Cement and Ready Mixed Concrete, and the staff functions. In this module the trainee will be introduced to the cement and the ready-mixed concrete operations, their industry practices and processes. This will include laboratory and plant visits to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge.
C. Specialisation phase
This is the learning phase where the trainee gets to know the aggregates operations and organization with a special focus on the technical processes in the production, processing and sales of aggregates.
The aggregates processes can be divided into the following modules:
Business basics
Production, Technology and Processes
Sales & Logistics
There will also be a module on the global department “Competence Center Materials” (CCM) where the trainee will learn about its organization and processes along with a project assignment.
D. Project work
In each module, the trainee gets to know various aspects of the aggregates processes, with a strong focus on practical application supported by a project in each module. At the end of the trainee program these projects will be presented to the country Aggregates Director in the form of a thesis. The project work is carried out within the specialization phase (C).
E. Cross-functional phase
There are various cross-functional processes such as securing of permits and compliance with environmental standards that need to be handled on a regular basis. In this section the trainee will also learn about the supporting functions of Finance, Shared Services Center and Purchasing.

F. Abroad module
This module aims to expand the trainees’ technical expertise and providing an international expertise by visiting the aggregates business in another country. This module might be optional.
G. Mentoring
Mentoring is an important part of the trainee program and each trainee will have a mentor who will guide and support the trainee throughout the program.
H. Miscellaneous trainings
Miscellaneous trainings will be conducted based on needs and suggestion from the Aggregates director and country HR. The responsible manager together with the country HR aim to develop the trainee as a technical expert and a potential future manager with sound personal, professional and management skills.
For this development certain topics are specified in the detailed training schedule.
Apply via e-mail to HR Manager at the latest on 14th of April 2019

During the trainee program you will be employed in Jehander and most likely based in Stockholm.
More information and questions
Contact HR Manager Anna-Lena Wikgren,, tel +46709236773

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